Philadelphia 1777: September 15-16, 2012


“General Washington, being determined to stop his progress towards Philadelphia, posted a body of militia at Ironhill an eminence about three miles from General Howe’s out posts. He also posted three brigades of Virginians with 6 field pieces at Christian Creek about 8 miles from Wilmington, from each of which they detached a party of 100 light armed men...”

Sergeant William Grant, 8th Virginia Regiment

In 1777, British General William Howe, embarked his army on transports, and landed them at the Head of Elk in the Chesapeake Bay. From there, he advanced northward through Delaware, toward Philadelphia. Washington prepared defenses against Howe's movements at Brandywine Creek, but was flanked and beaten back in the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777. After further skirmishes and maneuvers, Howe was able to enter and occupy Philadelphia.

To commemorate the 235th anniversary of the Philadelphia Campaign, the 2d Virginia Regiment is hosting a Revolutionary War living history event at Brandywine Creek State Park on September 15-16, 2012.

Brandywine Creek State Park

41 Adams Dam Rd

Wilmington, DE 19805

Event Coordinator:

Todd Post, 2d Virginia Regiment